Professional and Easy to Work With

I've worked with Jaime for several years at many different events. Give her your vision, she paints the picture, everyone goes home saying how amazing your event was. Professional, easy to work with and ready for what is needed of her, you're in hands of someone who cares. If you want that extra attention that everyone wants but no one ever really gets, talk to Jaime, see how much further that little bit of attention will take your event! Jeremy Guilbeault Professional DJ

Our wedding would not have been the same without Jaime!

Our wedding would not have been the same without Jaime! Her attention to detail, her experience in event planning and personality all work perfectly together to be a joy to work with. She brings so many tried and true methods to the table as well as current and innovative ideas to make your wedding day perfect and unique. I wasn’t the type of bride that had childhood dreams of her wedding day. Truth be told, I was actually pretty blasé about the whole thing, with the exception of a few “must-haves”. Being a young business owner, the wedding details were something that I just didn’t have time for. I knew I wanted my wedding to be beautiful and go off without a hitch, but the idea of coordinating with the venue, photographer, videographer, chair delivery, DJ…. It was all exhausting to even think about. From the moment Jaime and I decided to work together, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Jaime made me and my husband feel like everything was under control. Working with our busy schedules, Jaime made it a point to make every meeting we had productive, efficient and informative. She knew I didn’t have any time to waste! In these sit-downs Jaime was sure to give us feedback, advice and options, and at the end of each meeting we felt confident that she was going to take care of every detail. I was never overwhelmed with constant emails and phone calls… Jaime had it covered! Cut to the wedding festivities…. All I had to do was show up and enjoy! I was able to sleep in on my wedding day, enjoy the morning with my loved ones and show up to the wedding venue without ever once thinking about all of the detail surrounding the day. I would be happy to elaborate on any of the events throughout the timeline of our wedding planning with any future brides!

Our wedding was everything we had dreamt of!

Jaime was our saving grace! After we had finally picked out our venue we were given a different wedding coordinator, and it couldn’t have been worse. My wife started to even have second thoughts about the venue because of the wedding coordinator at the time.  After about two months of “Wedding Hell” the venue had let the other coordinator go, and that’s when we met Jaime. Right off the bat it was a breath of fresh air. Jaime answered all of our questions, and always had the right answer.  Jaime was always five steps ahead of us!  As soon as we had thought about something, she already had the answer, or the proper vendors already set up. It was absolutely amazing! After all the preparation, our wedding day had finally come and it looked like rain for our wedding day... our worst nightmare!  Jaime already had plan B set and ready to go without skipping a beat. Just a few hours before our ceremony the sun began to shine, and Jaime had our entire ceremony set back up outside!  We couldn’t believe it. Our planning experience with Jaime was absolutely flawless. She worked hard to get us back outside when she didn’t have to, and our reception and dinner went off without a hitch. Jaime turned what started out as a wedding planning disaster, into everything we had imagined. There is no doubt that our whole wedding experience would have been so different if it hadn’t been for Jaime. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to take the stress away from planning a wedding and turn it into an easy, fun filled process! Thank you so much Jaime! Much Love, The Butler’s

Getting to work with Jaime is a breath of fresh air

As a wedding professional it is nice to work with her because I know that the event is going to be flawless.  She not only has the skills for this industry, she has the abilities that cannot be taught. She looks ahead so that from start to finish the event runs smoothly and above the client's expectations.  It is rare that you can find someone who can handle the stresses of event planning with a smile on her face and a positive demeanor.  I cannot wait to work with her again in the future. ~Chad Ardizzoni